Getting to Know: Professional Organizer & Space Cleaner Christina Ardemis

Resting, Relaxing, Invigorating, Inspiring. For professional organizer and space cleaner Christina Ardemis, these words are all part of daily vocabulary used to describe her business Ardemis Organizing. We all know the dread associated with thinking about that messy garage or disordered refrigerator or ever-growing clothes pile. Christina Ardemis has made a career out of reversing those negative feelings to positive ones by transforming rooms into clean, aesthetically pleasing, and functioning spaces.

Christina believes a clean home is a happy home and that beyond that, removing physical clutter “opens up the pathways of the mind” to positivity, vibrancy, relaxation, and new life. Her work at Ardemis Organizing goes to show the power of association, that thinking about a stack of dirty dishes waiting at home or an impressive collection of dust bunnies in the attic stimulates the brain into replicating feelings of stress and negativity. Break the association by revamping and reorganizing the space, and those feelings of stress and negativity are washed away.

Christina’s clients typically feel overwhelmed by clutter and that the clutter gets in the way of them having positive and stress-free experiences. After the space clearing, clients feel liberated because the physical clearing creates an emotional clearing that in turn causes dramatic life transformation. Christina cites healthier relationships, better routes of communication, less stress, more time, more money, and more mental availability as direct outcomes of her work. Negative remembrance becomes positive remembrance as clients live less disorganized and stressful lives. Much of her work involves giving each item a home and allowing the items as a whole to come together to form a larger, more practical, and newly invigorated space.

Christina first identifies the physical and emotional needs of her clients, establishes the ultimate goals of the clients, and finally clear away the clutter. When asked if she has had clients who have been resistant to change their habits or clear away no longer needed items, Christina replied with a definite “oh yeah!” But by working with patience, compassion, kindness, and a thoughtful listening ear, Christina guides her clients and helps them attain their original goals.

Part of Christina’s work is setting down the framework of an organizational structure that works for the clients’ individual needs. Instead of creating short-term solutions to temporarily clean up the space, Christina helps develop a baseline level of cleanliness and organization that is practical to maintain. She leaves each client knowing that they will find it easier to maintain the new organizational structure than fall back on old habits. The needless clutter falls away, enabling each person whom she has touched to live more positive and simpler lives.


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