Getting to Know: Professional Organizer & Space Clearer Bekka Fink

On traditional Native American birthdays, instead of receiving gifts, the birthday boy or girl gives gifts away. It is considered a personal blessing to give something no longer needed to someone whose life that gift may touch. As a space-cleaner and organizer, Bekka Fink lives and breathes this philosophy. In today’s consumer-based society, it may seem a novel concept to spend one’s life giving rather than taking. But for Bekka, love and happiness come from being in service to those around us. She lives by the John Lennon quote “The love you take is equal to the love you make” – in other words, in order to receive love, one must give love first.

Organizing and coaching are Bekka’s ways of providing support and love to others. She is a survivor of grief and loss, but instead of spending her time in mourning her personal traumas, Bekka has dedicated her life to helping others through their own life struggles. “I show people that from these really dirty and yucky places, what can come out of that is magical and can allow you to walk through life everyday having wonder. It’s really about finding joy and wonder in the mess.” For Bekka, physical clutter is symbolic of emotional clutter; therefore, messiness and hoarding denote deeper traumas. She provides a supportive environment where she guides clients through these traumas towards cleaner and more productive lives.

Bekka believes that much of life is geared towards creating a lasting legacy for future generations. She talks with her clients about what their long-term and ultimate goals are and how, through creating peaceful sanctuaries for themselves, they can achieve these goals:

“[Life’s] really about what you want to leave behind, sharing your gifts, not being in isolation, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, all these things lead to self-love. This is really my way of giving the world an all-inclusive way of being in love with yourself and in love with the world. The world is an ecosystem goal is to create an ecosystem of calm and love and creativity.”

Bekka is a born nurturer who has a true gift for healing and being present for people. She would like to share this gift with the global community, be it through expanding her professional organizing business or through her aspirational goal to help end world hunger. Her life’s mission is to bring positive change to her larger community, a change that starts with transforming one individual’s life and ripples outward.

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