Web Design Services & More

My website design services range from $1500-$3500 depending on your needs and the complexity of your website.

My hourly rate is $75 per hour.

I offer a monthly retainer for website updates for $100 a month for up to 2 hours of work.

I am happy to discuss and give you a quote.


This page is a work in progress, but I am so busy that I haven't been able to update my own website in way too long! I have huge plans to make this section so much more helpful, but might need to hire someone else to do it. 🙂


If any of these statements below are true for you or you have questions about these things, chances are I can help you or point you in the right direction. Feel free to schedule a 15 min call to discuss.

I want to build a new WordPress website.

I want to make over my existing WordPress website.

I'm looking for help updating my existing WordPress website.

What is a WordPress website?


The name of my business/practice is:

I own the domain name/website url

I have a domain name/website url that I want to use.

I need to find a domain name/website url

I need help coming up with my business/practice name and/or finding the right domain name.


I currently have hosting for my domain name.

I need a hosting plan for my domain name.


I have an existing logo that I am happy with.

I need a logo or a new logo.


I have existing branding (ie. fonts, colors & imagery that represents your brand)

I need help with my branding.


I have current photo(s) of myself for my website.

I need to have photos taken for my website.


Written content (Bio, description of your services/offerings, contact information,

I have most of the content I want to use on my website written.

I do not have the content for my website written, but I know what I want to write and have the time space to do it in the next month or so.

I need help writing the content for my website.


I want to have reviews/testimonials on my website.

I have client reviews or testimonials that I want to use on my website.

I have a list of clients/customers/patients that I can ask with write reviews for me.



Social Media:

I want to include links to social media sites on my website.

I would like to create the following social media accounts.

I need help.

I will do this on my own.

I have the following accounts already, if yes, please paste the url

Facebook url

Twitter url

LinkedIn url

Instagram url

Pinterest url

YouTube url

Vimeo url



Email Marketing:

I have an existing email list that I want users of my website to be able to sign up for:

I use MailChimp, Constant Contact, 1Shopping Cart, MadMimi, Vertical Response, other

I need help setting up an account for email marketing and building my email list.

I do not want to use email marketing at this time.



I need business cards

I need a brochure, postcard or flyer made.