Website Design Services

What You Are Investing In By Hiring Me
  • Knowledge

    I'm trained both as an artist and an effective communicator. I have degrees in both art & psychology. I have a clear visual aesthetic and an advanced ability to organize information to make it more easily and effectively understood.

  • Accessibility

    I have a talent for translating technical language into concepts that regular people can understand. There is so much to know about the world of website design and many people find it very overwhelming. I can walk you through step by step and help you understand the process in language that you can relate to. I'm a good teacher and love to educate and empower my clients.
  • Safety & Security

    Websites get hacked, servers go down, clients may forget to update their credit card information and sometimes lose their websites. I've seen it all happen and learned the best practices to prevent damaging or losing your website. I also keep track of all your login information, in case you are someone that struggles with that kind of thing.
  • What To Expect

    If you like, I can give you feedback about how realistic your website goals are and what we might do to meet them. I can tell you if the functionality you desire is reasonable to implement or will require extensive web development. I can recommend the best hosting companies, email programs, ecommerce platforms, online scheduling programs, payment gateways, etc. and explain how we'll implement them.  

  • Value

    I own developer licenses to thousands of dollars worth of paid WordPress plugins & visual theme builders. That means I can install these extras on your website without additional cost to you. Paid themes & plugins are much better/safer than using free ones that aren't always kept up to date and typically offer little to no support.
  • A User Friendly Experience

    Many clients spend too little time considering the user experience of those that will visit their website. Looking at your own business through fresh eyes is a skill. I spend time researching the many developing trends and different ways that different users consume information online and design your website to accommodate the various ways those in your target audience will likely navigate your website. 


From start to finish, a beautiful, effective website will usually take at least 20 hours to build including our time in communication.

My project quotes are most often between $2500 to $4500 depending on the depth and complexity of what you need.

I am happy to offer you a quote after we discuss your project.

In rare cases, websites may require under 20 hours or over 40 hours of my time, but this is generally the range of timing. My hourly rate is $120. I'm dedicated to letting you know the elements you will need to create an effective website, creating a site that feels like it represents you and your business well, and creating an enjoyable working relationship with you.

Always included:

  • 2 one hour meetings (can be in person if in Marin)
  • A reasonable amount of phone & email correspondence
  • Support with domain registration, hosting plans and email set up
  • Project timeline creation with website draft delivery date & estimated launch date
  • 2 rounds of edits
  • Basic SEO keyword optimization
  • A visually beautiful, effective WordPress website easy to navigate on any size device

If you do not know where to start or have lots of questions, chances are that I can help you or point you in the right direction. Feel free to schedule a 15 min call to discuss.

Ongoing Website Support

$190 per month auto-debit provides up to 2 hours of web updates, a $50 savings. This time does not roll over, it's a use it or lose it plan, but you can cancel any time.

À La Carte Website Support - $120/hr

I offer as needed support by providing video training guides for those interested in learning how to make edits on their own. There is also an extensive amount of information available for free online about how to use the Beaver Builder Visual editor.

Things I Can Help You With

Informational Websites

Ecommerce Websites

Portfolio Websites

Sales Pages



And so much more...

  • Building a new WordPress website
  • Making over an existing WordPress website
  • Moving your existing website to WordPress
  • Explaining why I specialize in making WordPress websites
  • Providing some DIY options if you want to try building your website yourself
  • Consulting about a new business website
  • Helping you choose and register a domain name
  • Helping you sign up for or switch over to best website hosting plan for you
  • Assisting you with options & setup for domain-based email
  • Provide you with excellent referrals for getting professional photos taken
  • Helping you think about a logo and/or branding
  • Providing a referral for logo design if needed
  • Determining if and white kind of support you may need writing your website content
  • Giving you a basic understanding of current SEO best practices & dispelling outdated myths
  • Discussing how to set up and use Yelp, LinkedIn, Google & Facebook reviews to your advantage
  • Consult with you about how, why and if you should use different Social Media channels
  • Brainstorm ideas for social media posts and content
  • Help you understand how & why to use email marketing
  • Assist you in setting up an account with MailChimp or Constant Contact, ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign
  • Create email marketing templates that match you website branding
  • Create offers and calls to action on your website to get people to join your email list
  • Consult with you about eCourses, Sales pages and drip feed email campaigns
  • Help you create landing pages for offers that you promote on social media or for special events
  • Create printed materials like business cards, postcards, flyers and social media graphics that match your website branding
  • Listen, encourage you, and possibly make you laugh