All her life, Kristen has recognized the beautiful necessity of helping others. A natural healer, Kristen has been drawn to art from a young age. She especially enjoys dreamwork – magical visions of trees and the human body. Over time, she began working with aerial artists to create fantastical images of our bird friends. This form of expression correlates with her dancing and spirituality, and her dancing, spirituality, and art inform each other. Viewing Kristen’s artwork is a moving and spiritual experience for many.

Her creations are inspired by nature, often invoking personal exploration and self-reflection. While creating these works, Kristen delves deeply into the mysteries and nuances of her emotions. Her complexity and rich inner world translate into her artwork.

When asked about her creative process, Kristen’s voice brightens. “I do thorough research online about the animal or plant I’m working with. Where do they live? How do they grow? What is their world?” She then studies images of the animal or plant and dreams or meditates. “Then it’s a lot of thumbnail sketching, choosing a medium, choosing a paint, choosing a canvas.” Kristen explores different aspects – color, layering, technique – of whichever medium she is working with. Her favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor.

In addition to being an artist, Kristen is an art educator. She finds deep fulfillment in working with students and sharing her passion for art with them. “I love watching their inspiration and creativity. They’re so young. They have this sense of exploration and play, and as a teacher of art, it’s important for me to be fresh, creative, involved, and inspired.” She brings her artwork to her classes, introducing her students to new styles and techniques. “It’s a constant cycle. Being an art educator and being an artist definitely inspire each other.”

Kristen is certainly inspired. She spent the past year making art, and art-making strengthened her connection to both the physical world and the spiritual world. While she has been an artist for many years, Kristen’s year of art was a special, intensive project aimed at healing and discovery. She created 28 images over the course of this journey. It proved deeply cathartic. “As humans, we rely on visuals so much,” Kristen tells me. “I put art on the page and it is medicine. People can rely on these beautiful visuals and their spirit can connect with it on whatever level they need. Using visual cues to help us understand our world. To me, this is another level of that.”

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