It has always been Sharyn’s goal to make other people smile. As an illustrator and artist, she does just that. She specializes in watercolors, gouache, markers, and adorable animal portraits. “You name an animal, I like it,” Sharyn declares. She later admits that she has a soft spot for animals from Australia. Koalas, kangaroos and wallabies fill her illustrations. She adores animals that are kind, gentle, and sweet – not unlike her.

Sharyn radiates playfulness and creativity. Her speech is peppered by exclamations and lively stories. She speaks lovingly of the koala she met in Australia and the rabbit she once befriended. Sharyn names these little friends and holds them dear to her heart. Her creative inspiration comes from being confronted with endearing, unusual animals.

Sharyn did not have animals as a child, but she happily recalls the summers she spent in the countryside. Much time was spent playing outside and admiring fish and other wildlife. Sharyn is a one-worlder, and believes people and species should live in harmony. This sense of harmony is communicated in her artwork, which she classifies as “happy art.” Sharyn finds beauty and awe in the natural world. Her art truly demonstrates her love of life.

Sharyn has always loved doodling and drawing, but cultivated a strong background in business and engineering. Although she works in technical capacity, Sharyn finds time to develop her artistic talents. “It’s all about the balance,” Sharyn tells me. A businesswoman and published children’s author, Sharyn works hard to hone her varied interests.

She finds happiness in creating work that others enjoy, work that brings a smile to people’s faces and fills them with glimmers of joy. Her work is fresh and inspired. She hopes to turn other people’s days around and to positively impact their lives. It is a wonderful goal, one that I do not doubt she will accomplish.

In the future, Sharyn hopes to complete her second book, learn more about publishing, and continue to surround herself with creative people. To learn more about Sharyn and her work, visit