Jared Michaels’ goal in life is to stand for something sane in a world that is so often not. Inspired by Nietzsche’s teachings, Jared realized in his twenties how materialistic and superficial our society can be. Jared set out on a journey to change that. He formed his own value system, a system centered around living in the moment and being spiritually aware. “Life is happening in the present,” he tells me. “Everything else is just daydreaming. I started practicing Buddhism so that I could start truly living life.”

He is doing just that. He knows his own mind, is passionate about his work, and loves telling others about his unique path. For him, spirituality is a refuge that can be shared with others. As a writer, therapist and zen priest, Jared helps clients find peace. He gives clients the support they deserve by becoming their “life journey partners.” Jared encourages clients to speak their truth and to share their thoughts. He believes emotional sharing is liberating – a key for finding fulfillment in life.

Jared’s healing work does not end at the closing of a retreat or the conclusion of a talk. Rather, he lives and breathes his profession. When not healing people, Jared heals Mother Earth. He identifies himself as a “spiritually inclined environmental activist” and has strong convictions about environmental issues. He believes in “The Great Turning,” the revolution from an industrial society to a life-sustaining society. Jared works tirelessly to promote this vision of a less polluted, more grounded world. In doing so, he creates positive changes that ripple outwards, inspiring others to commit to lives of altruism.

Jared spends his time in service to others and to Mother Earth. A born healer, Jared finds zen in his work, which he views as heartwork. He believes happiness is being in the moment, rather than lingering on the future or the past. Meditation is “real and good and healing,” and where he experiences a profound peace. His insight and self-awareness are admirable and evidence of a keen, thoughtful mind.

In the future, Jared plans to write more books, continue healing, and remain receptive to whatever comes his way. To learn more about Jared Michaels and his work, visit http://jaredmichaels.com/.