Sophie McEntee is a healer. She finds happiness in her own life by showing up for herself, her family, and her daughter. By “saying yes with an open heart” and living in the moment, Sophie stays grounded and fulfilled. She brings a similar sense of fulfillment to her clients – men, women and couples who are looking for more self-expression and contentment. “Being witnessed, being seen, being heard all help people come alive and become unstuck,” Sophie tells me. She is compassionate and self-aware.

Sophie first became involved in counseling when she was twenty-eight and living in Vancouver. She participated in several workshops before realizing healing was what she wanted to do with her life. She loves being present and helping people along their journeys. She has gotten to know herself and her clients on deep levels, and handles everything that comes her way with poise and grace. An optimist, Sophie believes that joy is “not about what’s happening externally,” but about having the resilience to overcome adversity.

During her sessions, Sophie really listens. She helps her clients feel validated and accepted, no matter what personal challenges they are working through. Sophie makes sure to take time for herself and her personal life in order to be truly present in her work. “I want to help as many people as I can,” Sophie reflects. Her dedication and altruism are admirable, evidence of a thoughtful mind and caring heart.

In the future, Sophie hopes to teach online courses, organize workshops, and improve her online presence. She would like to reach more clients and expand her practice. No matter what Sophie’s future brings, I know she will continue to say yes with an open heart.

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