Meet Chiropractor and Health Advisor Chappy Wood

Chappy Wood has been passionate about fitness and wellness for all his life. Throughout middle and high school, he participated in all sorts of different sports. He proved his dedication time and time again through all the early-morning workouts and late-night practices that accompanied his love of sports. It therefore came as little surprise when he decided to pursue health and body work as a career.

Chappy has been a practicing health advisor and chiropractor for ten years, but still works with the same vigor and enthusiasm that he had on Day 1. Each day he wakes up at 5:00am to work out, drinks a healthy shake, and heads to work at Marin Spine and Wellness, a health and rehabilitation center he founded. There, he treats all different sorts of health problems, from minor aches and pains to severe injuries. He helps relieve pain and stress, prevent injury, and relax and reset overworked muscles. At the end of the day, he helps enable each client to “perform at their peak level”. He is attentive to each clients’ needs, commonly recommended in the field of health advising and bodywork, and personally invested in improving the health and overall well-being of his clients.

Chappy leads by example through his fit and active lifestyle. Outside of the office, he pursues cycling, eats healthful foods, and advises his family and friends. Both at work and outside of work, he is a proven expert in what he does. In addition to his early am workouts, he cycles regularly. Over time, he has become part of a rich and diverse community of cyclists, bodyworkers, and fitness and wellness experts. It is his years of experience, personal dedication to health, approachable and understanding nature, and bodywork skills that inform his work.

Moving forward, Chappy hopes to continue to “refine his passion and business” by “working smarter not harder”. His passion lies in helping people reach their health and fitness goals by removing any existing obstacles (injuries, stresses, aches and pains), and then working with them to develop an individual fitness plan. He has built a reputation for himself as a well-informed health advisor, approachable and understanding mentor, and experienced bodyworker. Chappy hopes to communicate his passion for fitness and wellness through his work, while simultaneously helping clients further and deepen their own athletic pursuits. From professional athletes to the physically inactive, Chappy has seen it all and has worked all ends of the spectrum. At the end of the interview, when I asked Chappy if he had anything else to add, he laughed and declared: “I could go on all day!”


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