Tendersfoot Wellness

Sara Carter radiates happiness and love. She lives for the feeling of being grounded and one with both the earth and the people in it. Born into an active family, Sara’s goal is to help others live long and healthy lives. In her work as a massage therapist and fitness trainer, she does just that.

Sara has had a lifelong relationship with massage and fitness. She grew up on a small farm in Northern California, regularly spent time in the mountains with family, and pursued degrees in exercise, sports science and the healing arts.

Sara started out as a massage therapist, but gradually added fitness training to her toolbox. She found profound connections between massage and fitness, which are intertwined with mental and spiritual well-being. Massage has a therapeutic effect, while exercise cleanses and tones the body. The two interact in amazing ways. Massage releases the knots and stresses that can come from fitness training, and both massage and fitness improve overall health.

Sara certainly practices her teachings. She is a hiking and running enthusiast and exercises every day. A lover of nature, Sara finds fulfillment in “the trees, the mountains, the birds” as well as in her work.

“In my work, I feed off of people. I feed off their energy. It’s a great relationship. You let people trust in and confide in you. Being there for them, having a deep connection – that’s really special,” she says.

Sara is attentive to her clients’ needs, honoring their individual goals and helping them live in balance. She recognizes the importance of good communication and develops a sense of trust and understanding with each of her clients.

In 2013, Sara founded Tenderfoot Wellness, a whole body health and wellness company. Tenderfoot offers fitness training, outdoor cross training, massage therapy and nutrition counseling. These services are all part of Sara and Tenderfoot’s central purpose: helping people pursue more health-conscious lifestyles.

To learn more about Sara Carter and Tenderfoot Wellness, visit http://tenderfootwellness.com/.