Melinda’s work in acupuncture and integrative medicine brings her deep fulfillment. “I love, love, love my work,” Melinda tells me. “I’ve never been happier. People think they’ll be in pain forever, and I show them they don’t have to be.”

Indeed, Melinda’s passion for healing runs deep. Melinda was born into a health-conscious family, and she has always been interested in medicine and overall health. She finds alternatives to Western medicine, takes a holistic approach towards health, and treats each patient with sensitivity.

Part of Melinda’s sensitivity is adapting treatment to her clients’ specific needs. As a general practitioner, Melinda addresses issues as varied as pain relief, nutrition, women’s health, and primary care. Her “toolbox” includes trigger point therapy and massage; dry needling and physical therapy. But even amidst this breadth, Melinda delves deep into her work, developing connections with her clients and healing them remarkably well.

As of right now, Melinda has two offices – one in San Rafael and one in Berkeley. In these offices, she gives consultations and sessions that clients rave about, citing her caring spirit, empathy, and gifts as a healer.

The more Melinda learns, the more her practice grows. She does extensive research on a variety of health issues, and plans to take five classes through UC Berkeley extension. Melinda loves research, and her research enables her to develop the best treatment plans for her patients. She practices what she teaches and takes care of herself so that she can be the best healer possible. Melinda is very busy, and reminds me that “you don’t mind working hard if you’re doing what you love.”

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