Getting to Know: Green Architect Dave Deppen

Ask Dave Deppen about his work as a leading green architect and his voice will brighten with enthusiasm. “I just love what I’m doing!” Indeed, how could one not be enthusiastic about the cutting edge work he is doing to pave the way for green design?

Dave works in harmony with nature to the benefit of both the environment and the human spirit. His designs are characterized by open space, natural daylight, and sustainability. Dave’s ultimate goal is to create spaces that connect clients to the natural world and, quite simply, make them feel happy. Over the course of his thirty-year long career as an architect, Dave has perfected the art of designing buildings that “just feel right”, buildings that match the original vision of his clients while remaining environmentally friendly.

In addition to being an expert in nature-sensitive design, Dave also prides himself in being a great listener to the wishes and values of his clients. Dave’s passion lies in personal connection, be it with nature or with people. Remaining simultaneously client-minded and nature-minded, Dave must frequently weigh eco-friendliness against cost and practicality. At the end of the day, he always makes sure to prioritize his clients’ needs first.

Dave believes that design begins with the land. He takes great care to study the natural patterns of the locations for his architectural designs. Instead of attempting to get the land to fit his design, Dave gets his design to fit the land, a distinction separating him from other architects. “I’m a pretty unusual architect in that I pay deep attention to the land and the local ecology, light and the feeling of the home.”  It is this sensitivity that really raises his designs to the next level, immediately drawing people together in a shared sense of wonder at his seamless unification of nature and design. Perhaps he says it best himself: “Sometimes people have a lot more in common than we might think. People just love being in this kind of space and in this kind of light.” Dave’s personal satisfaction comes from building spaces that truly feel like home.

Dave’s original goal of working with, instead of against, the land has only intensified over time. Moving forward, he hopes to continue his strong environmental commitment while deepening client relations. Dave feels strongly about staying small so as to preserve the sense of community, collaboration, and connection of personal service. For Dave, knowing he has given someone a sense of place and belonging gives him great joy.

Design with Nature

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