Getting to Know: Sound Healer and Musician Brent Johnson

Meet Brent Johnson, a professional guitarist and sound healer with a profound love of music. Brent’s interest in sound healing began in church, where he instantly connected with visiting Peruvian healers during sound sessions and flower ceremonies. From there, Brent’s passion for music and interest in Peruvian culture led him to become a sound healer himself, with the ultimate goal of using music to help clients “find the divine in themselves”. Brent believes that the spirit of creation exists within each living thing and that through sound, beings are reminded of this shared spirit. Music is an opener for the mind, and Brent views his time on earth as being that of a seed-planter, hopefully creating a lasting legacy for those whose lives his healing has touched.

A typical session at Sound Healing with Brent consists of first tuning the altar, where Brent opens himself to the instruments and lets go of any thoughts plaguing him. Allowing the spirits to guide him, Brent uses wind instruments or feathers to calm the client. Depending on what the calling is for the session, Brent plays rattles, drums, whistles, flutes, stringed instruments, marimbas, or kalimbas, elevating the volume of the healing session and bringing the session to its climax. Finally, Brent closes the session with crisp, light bells and deep breathing, allowing time and space for reflection.

Brent has been a sound healer for three years now and views his practice as a lifelong process. He visits schools, gives healing sessions, collects indigenous instruments, and plays guitar professionally all over the world. With time Brent hopes to branch out into the realm of sacred plant medicine, but for now, he reiterates the central idea behind his work as a sound healer:

 “I believe that every living thing is related. I believe that the spirit world includes rocks and plants and animals and people and water and birds, and that everything is related. There’s a force, there’s a connecting web, if you will, like a spider web that contains us all and we’re all in the web and the spirit is obtainable through audio. I believe that the sound is the Spirit, that the sound can be a direct connection to the heart and a direct connection to the soul.”

When asked if he could see himself doing anything but sound healing, Brent replied with a resounding no. Brent believes that music and sound are universal, that instruments have the power to heal and to guide, and that the world needs more sound healers.


Read more about Brent and learn how to contact him on his website.