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Erika Wright Review

“Okay folks…were there more stars available…Abby gets ’em all. My business increased by about 40% when Abby came on board to help with my website and marketing logistics. I Love that she speaks a language I understand and absolutely does EXACTLY what she says she’s going to do RIGHT AWAY. That has not been my…

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Jeff Wright Review

“WOW! What can I say? Abby Kojola is the best. I’m a counselor working in SF and contacted KojolaPower after hearing rave reviews from several friends who are professionals or own small businesses in the SF Bay Area. She built websites and developed, created and administers web-based marketing programs for my private counseling practice AND…

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Kathleen Carroll Review

Fairfax, CA

“It all seemed so overwhelming until I found Abby.  She updated our website, introduced me to social media & hooked our business up.  She has broken it all down for me w/easy to follow guidelines for updating, how to update, etc..  I never thought I would be able to do all of that, but Abby…

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George Bertelstein Review

“It is almost impossible to perceive of how huge a change Abby has created for me in my practice.  It is also hard to believe it was ever different than it has become under her guidance.  She has completely empowered me to utilize many years of excellent referral and review and writing and experience and…

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Christina Ardemis Review

Ardemis Organizing

“I am NOT technically savvy. So when I was looking for someone to help me build my business website, I needed to make sure they were the BEST. I am so glad I chose Abby at KojolaPower Marketing. She was able to understand what I was asking for in terms of design, feel and authenticity.…

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David Shevick, L.Ac. Review

“Abby is my business consultant for my acupuncture business. From designing my business cards and website to letting me know the next step in growing my business,  I find she always knows the right thing for my business.  Please visit to look the great website she built for me. She also presses me to…

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Ryan Gessay, DC Review

“Abby just makes everything better.  I was introduced to this woman’s services years ago when starting my first practice in the health industry. From the start she helped me keep a level head-space while getting my business organized and recognized.  As I look back I really don’t know where I would be without her.  I…

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Chappy Wood, DC Review

“If you are looking for a multi-talented powerhouse then look no further! Abby can take your ideas and personality and match it to your marketing endeavors. If you need help with business systems, print advertising, social media, websites and blogs, then call her right away!” Chappy Wood, DC Read more about Marin Spine & Wellness…

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Karen Reynolds, L.Ac. Review

“Abby is a business consultant for my acupuncture practice in Mill Valley. She brings the invaluable combinations of humor, calm approach, and advanced knowledge in use of social media for business development. So if your desk is a mess and your goals are nowhere to be found, Kojola Power! is the boost you need.” Karen…

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Susan Fox, L.Ac. Review

“Abby Kojola is a godsend.  With very little direction (and I mean very!) , she can take the idea of a project and turn it into a final product that far exceeds the original idea!  Her command of social media networking and marketing saves time and $$$.  She’s helped turn my acupuncture practice into an…

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Anne Cabrinha L.Ac. Review

“I have been working with Abby for about two years and I am so pleased! She is the most important reason why my business has been growing in this sour economy. Abby has helped me to envision and stick to long-term goals, and to complete the small tasks along the way to these goals.  Her…

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Cafe of Life Review

Abby is the embodiment of efficiency and understanding, and she generates incredible success for those around her. Our team has had the privilege and honor to work with her over the years, and we are confident in saying that if you are working with Abby, you are in good hands!

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