Learn more about about the websites I've created and how I work with clients.

Abby Kojola: 100% of the power behind Kojolapower!

Top Skills & Traits: Creative, Curious, Quick, Intuitive, Interested, Honest, Kind, Expressive, and Persistent.

Results: Happy, satisfied clients that keep coming back for more!

I build beautiful, affordable, custom WordPress websites, including sales pages and eCourses.

I offer graphic design, business coaching, social media and email marketing support to my website clients.

Many of my long time clients are therapists, authors, artists, acupuncturists, yogis, bodyworkers, makers of healthy, natural, wellness-enhancing products.

My areas of expertise are web design, social media, email marketing, and enhanced web presence.

I create websites and marketing materials that express the essence, spirit, and heart of each business/business owner I work with.

I help my clients market their high-quality offerings to those who need and seek them by exposing the unique personality of each business through websites, social media marketing, enhanced web presence, and email contact with customers/clients/patients.

I strive to lead by example in working joyfully and living an abundant & fulfilled life.

Do you need a new or updated website? Let's work together!

Feel free to call or text me at 415-572-9048 or email me at abby@kojolapower.com.