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Posts by Caroline Harris

Meet Rain Stickney

Meet Integrative Healer Bay Rain Stickney Rain Stickney’s integrative healing business, Dragonfly Bay, has been in the makings for much of her life. In junior high, she first became interested in the body and healing. In high school, her interest in psychology took off. In college, she considered the connection between mind and body. In…

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Meet Beth Crittenden

Getting to Know: Financial Wellness Coach, Beth Crittenden Love the Zero refers to when income minus savings and expenses equals zero. Financial organizer and counselor Beth Crittenden aims to get clients to not only love the zero, but to also have a sense of self-love and communication about money. In order to be “fiscally fit”,…

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Meet Bekka Fink

Getting to Know: Professional Organizer & Space Clearer Bekka Fink On traditional Native American birthdays, instead of receiving gifts, the birthday boy or girl gives gifts away. It is considered a personal blessing to give something no longer needed to someone whose life that gift may touch. As a space-cleaner and organizer, Bekka Fink lives…

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Meet Alicia Rypma

Getting to Know: Master Trainer and Owner of Marin Gyrotonic Studio Alicia Rypma Visit the website for the Marin Gyrotonic Studio and just beneath the logo, you can see the tagline “The Art of Exercising and Beyond”. And for the owner of Marin Gyrotonic Studio, Alicia Rypma, gyrotonic truly does go beyond exercise by providing…

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Meet Christina Ardemis

Getting to Know: Professional Organizer & Space Cleaner Christina Ardemis Resting, Relaxing, Invigorating, Inspiring. For professional organizer and space cleaner Christina Ardemis, these words are all part of daily vocabulary used to describe her business Ardemis Organizing. We all know the dread associated with thinking about that messy garage or disordered refrigerator or ever-growing clothes…

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Meet Dave Deppen

Getting to Know: Green Architect Dave Deppen Ask Dave Deppen about his work as a leading green architect and his voice will brighten with enthusiasm. “I just love what I’m doing!” Indeed, how could one not be enthusiastic about the cutting edge work he is doing to pave the way for green design? Dave works…

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Meet Kathleen Carroll

Getting to Know: Owner of The Potting Shed Kathleen Carroll “Small businesses are what makes the world go round!” Kathleen Carroll and her Fairfax-based gift and plant boutique are living proof that her soundbite proves true. Kathleen dreamed of owning a cute little mom and pop shop, and with time, her dreams were realized when…

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Meet Brent Johnson

Getting to Know: Sound Healer and Musician Brent Johnson Meet Brent Johnson, a professional guitarist and sound healer with a profound love of music. Brent’s interest in sound healing began in church, where he instantly connected with visiting Peruvian healers during sound sessions and flower ceremonies.

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