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The Trees, the Mountains, the Birds: Interview with Sara Carter

Tendersfoot Wellness

Sara Carter radiates happiness and love. She lives for the feeling of being grounded and one with both the earth and the people in it. Born into an active family, Sara’s goal is to help others live long and healthy lives. In her work as a massage therapist and fitness trainer, she does just that.…

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A Beautiful Necessity: Interview with Kristen Holmberg

All her life, Kristen has recognized the beautiful necessity of helping others. A natural healer, Kristen has been drawn to art from a young age. She especially enjoys dreamwork – magical visions of trees and the human body. Over time, she began working with aerial artists to create fantastical images of our bird friends. This…

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Yoga and Body Balancing: Interview with John Marino

For healer John Marino, a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis became a lifelong career. John turned to massage work, yoga, and body balancing with the vision of becoming well himself. Once he realized the healing potential of these arts, John began helping others through classes and sessions. To this day, he pursues personal wellness and helps…

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Compassionate Care: Interview with Melinda Wiggins

Melinda’s work in acupuncture and integrative medicine brings her deep fulfillment. “I love, love, love my work,” Melinda tells me. “I’ve never been happier. People think they’ll be in pain forever, and I show them they don’t have to be.” Indeed, Melinda’s passion for healing runs deep. Melinda was born into a health-conscious family, and…

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The Safe Place: Interview with Evelyn Hall

Evelyn Hall is a visionary. Her goal is to help disadvantaged youth reconnect with themselves and with the earth. To that end, she co-founded Prometheus Family Support, a holistic counseling program that helps kids realize their fullest potential. The center looks at mind, body, and soul, using techniques like mindfulness training, psychodrama, and creative arts…

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Interview with Sophie McEntee: Saying “Yes” with an Open Heart

Sophie McEntee is a healer. She finds happiness in her own life by showing up for herself, her family, and her daughter. By “saying yes with an open heart” and living in the moment, Sophie stays grounded and fulfilled. She brings a similar sense of fulfillment to her clients – men, women and couples who…

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Art and Animals: 30 Minutes with Sharyn Brotz

It has always been Sharyn’s goal to make other people smile. As an illustrator and artist, she does just that. She specializes in watercolors, gouache, markers, and adorable animal portraits. “You name an animal, I like it,” Sharyn declares. She later admits that she has a soft spot for animals from Australia. Koalas, kangaroos and…

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The Whole Person: Interview with David Shevick

David Shevick sees the body as it is – alive and pulsing. He is fascinated by how the body heals and works, and has built his practice around those two central interests. David is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, specializing in fertility, back pain and chronic fatigue. A natural healer, David has always been a body-centered…

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In Stillness, Peace: 30 Minutes with Jared Michaels

Jared Michaels’ goal in life is to stand for something sane in a world that is so often not. Inspired by Nietzsche’s teachings, Jared realized in his twenties how materialistic and superficial our society can be. Jared set out on a journey to change that. He formed his own value system, a system centered around…

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Meet Anne Cabrinha and Susan Fox

At the Balance Restored Center for Integrative Medicine, a group of independent healthcare providers located in Mill Valley, it is all about community and collaboration. The Center is a healing powerhouse comprised of acupuncturists, medical doctors, chiropractors, psychiatrists, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and herbalists. I interviewed co-founders and acupuncturists Anne Cabrinha and Susan Fox.…

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Meet Chappy Wood

Meet Chiropractor and Health Advisor Chappy Wood Chappy Wood has been passionate about fitness and wellness for all his life. Throughout middle and high school, he participated in all sorts of different sports. He proved his dedication time and time again through all the early-morning workouts and late-night practices that accompanied his love of sports.…

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Meet Willa Bepler

Meet Licensed Massage Therapist Willa Bepler “I have a great job because I make people happy!” Indeed, licensed massage therapist Willa Bepler really does know a lot about making people happy. By helping her clients relieve stress and other sources of negativity, Willa guides them towards richer and happier lives. But she didn’t always know…

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