As a Web Designer & Marketing Consultant, I offer creative support to business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My areas of expertise are web design, social media, email marketing, and enhanced web presence.


  • Create websites and marketing that express the essence, spirit and heart of each business/business owner I work with.
  • Inspire communities full of sustainable businesses that thrive by providing quality services, products and experiences in a good way.
  • Propagate a society that values ecocentric business practices; where every role and task in the business entity is valued and each person involved is paid a living wage and supported by in being a healthy human.


  • Support businesses in offering excellent, quality services, products and experiences in a good way.
  • Market these quality offerings to those who need and seek them by exposing the personality, essence and unique brand of each business through websites, social marketing, enhanced web presence, email contact with customers/clients/patients, and emerging marketing trends.
  • Lead by example in working joyfully and living an abundant & fulfilled life.

Top Skills & Traits:

Creative, Curious, Quick, Intuitive, Interested, Honest, Kind, Expressive, and Persistent.


Happy, satisfied clients that keep coming back for more!


Being an inquisitive person serves me well.  My quest to satisfy my own curiosity leads me to consistently expand and hone the broad range of skills and tools I use to support the businesses I work with.

What excites me about marketing and web design are the myriad creative ways we can communicate the lovable, attractive and compelling human qualities of our businesses to others. What drives me is a fascination for exposing the social experience of our businesses, honesty and transparency in our business practices, and sustainability practices for human health and happiness and for our planet.

I am grateful that my parents were able to gift me an awesome education from preschool through graduate school, both in and outside the classroom, they let me research and make my own decisions and find my own path.  I see the great benefit of my education has been to try to comprehend how much I do not know without being intimidated by the not knowing.  I attempt always to seek out the right questions and use absolute creativity in searching for the best solutions.

I earned two undergraduate degrees from Kenyon College in Ohio in Psychology & Art.  I have also done graduate work in Expressive Art Therapy at California Institute of Integral Studies.  My certification as a Professional Business Coach is from Fowler Wainright International Institute of Professional Coaching.

My clients span the small business spectrum, including rock stars, dancers, coaches, wine makers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, alternative healthcare practitioners, body workers, spiritual counselors, exercise studios, gardeners, gift shops, professional organizers, stylists, photographers, hair salons, and artists.  The best thing I have discovered from working with people in business is that we are all, in our own, unique ways, healing ourselves and our communities.  My work is an absolute joy and I can't wait to share it with you.

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